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Commercial Cleaning Services

AMS Upscale Service can work with you to design a program that addresses your commercial cleaning needs, regardless of how many employees you have.

With bright, gleaming doors, immaculate surfaces, and a tidy reception area greet visitors at the entrances and lobbies. You'll make a good first impression from the moment they walk in the door, and it'll endure all the way to the boardroom. We'll keep all of your high-traffic public spaces like hallways and stairwells safe and appealing by doing regular hard floor surface cleaning and daily carpet care.

The majority of each day's activity takes place in offices, workstations, and conference rooms, so keeping them clean and free of germs is critical to employee health and happiness. Our commercial cleaning services can clean your office from top to bottom, from dusting to garbage collection. Your staff will note how meticulously each desk, cupboard, and chair is designed. Our technicians are qualified to clean all types of office system equipment, from desktop computers to big printers, so you and your team can stay productive and efficient.

Maintaining a clean, hygienic environment in shared, often used spaces such as break rooms and bathrooms is vital. Our cleaning services are exceptional and effective throughout the office building to stop smells, maintain great indoor air quality, and ensure occupational health concerns are avoided.

Make a great impression on your clients, and give your staff a healthy, clean workplace with AMS Upscale Service.

Backed by years of infection prevention experience, AMS Upscale Service has the knowledge and expertise to help you reduce and contain the spread of infectious and emerging diseases in your commercial space.

We provide professional commercial cleaning services:

We are experts at cleaning and fighting infection, and we use our expertise every day. We study infection, train our people to eliminate it and utilize best practices as described by the AMS Upscale Service to ensure our work is consistently effective.

Contact AMS Upscale Service today to learn more about what we can do to make your business shine.

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